Dear Husband – Cheat in Peace

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Bom I am here to beg my husband:
Darling, I know you love me so much and never will hurt me, that is why you are doing your best to keep me fit and sexy, but it is killing me. Every time we go jogging, I feel serious pains, I don’t feel my legs, my breast begins to hurt me, my waist will be killing, chest pain, back pain, everything pain, to worsen it, you will now come to have crazy sex with me, twist my legs, bend my waist, hang my legs, spread my legs, 360 , and even slap my breast that is still paining me on top. I know you love me but I can’t do this anymore, I will die before my time if I continue like this, how can you widen my legs after 3 kids? You want me to be tweaking on you after 3 kids, give you lap dance, call you daddy and scream like a mad woman while the kids sleep, how can you ask me to be eating your balls and throwing my legs wide open, I am a woman, not a little girl. Please, I beg you, cheat on me. Cheat in peace please and let me be, I can deal with cheating but I can’t deal with this anymore. Not every sex adventures are meant for wives, that is why girlfriends and concubines to do the dirty sex work, why we the wives are on reserve. Please darling I am done jogging and doing sex acrobatic please just cheat in peace, all my bones are broken.

I just had to post this… got me cracking up… husband please let her rest biko…

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