Dear Married Men – Get Your S**t Together

Dear Married Men,

What exactly is it you want from me (Single Lady)?

How on earth can I help you?

Even if I can help you, what’s in it for me?

I’m sick and tired of your foolishness and narrative about how your wife is terrible to you? How is this my business, how does that help my laive?..

The worse of your kind are the ones that do not even mention that they are married but chase the single woman with all their might,

Dear Married Men,

If you really want me (Single Girl) then divorce your wife and put a ring on it.

Stop saying it’s Sex (no big deal) don’t dash be your unfortunate destiny.

Stop saying you’re better than Single guys, YOU ARE NOT.

You should know that not all single girls are regular, some girls are LEGIT demonic beings looking for which family to devour.

Lastly, your single Ex is not your spare tyre, leave her alone and stop messing with her emotions, she needs to move with her life too.

This is to all Married, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.


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