Diezani & All Our Monies

Diezani Alison- Madueke is Nigeria’s former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Ex Minister of Transportation and was the first female President of OPEC.

She supported the controversial government’s plan to remove state subsidies on fuel prices during the PDP administration in Nigeria.

“Because it (fuel subsidy) poses a huge financial burden on the government, disproportionately benefits the wealthy, (and) encourages inefficiency, corruption, and diversion of scarce public resources away from investment in critical infrastructure.”

On How She Became One of the Major Headliners for Corrupt Leaders – Her Story to this remarkable started here:


It started when she was Nigeria’s petroleum Minister – British & American alleged that the former petroleum minister might have personally organized a diversion of $6 Billion (N1.2 Trillion) from the Nigerian Treasury. (It was not even Nigerian Authorities that found out…O su mi)

She was arrested October 2, 2015, in London, she was also accused of the following:

Responsible for $20 Billion missing from the Petroleum Agency.

Awarding multi-billion naira contract without recourse to due process. (Y’all know what this means right?)

Recklessly spending government funds.

Wasting billions of dollars (Nigerian tax payers money) inappropriately on private jets.

An investigative report by some Italian Prosecutors indicted ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, Diezani & Others in $1.3billion Malabu oil fraud. ( Why is every thing billion billion, no million again?)

Sanusi Lamido also went public with charges that $2 billion was missing from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) under Alison- Madueke’s management but she said he was angry because she (Diezani did not help him to get appointed as the president of the African Development Bank (AfDB).

The EFCC Seized $18 million ( finally something in million) mansion belonging to the accused located in Asokor Area FCT Abuja, the agency also seized asset worth millions to her name such as Le Meridien Hotel Port Harcourt.

Another report also indicted her of bribery- May 3, 2017, a former INEC staff Yisa Adedoye was convicted by the high court in Lagos for accepting  N264.88 million to rig 2015 general elections, along with other staff of the commission.

Mr. Adedoye pleaded guilty to the charges as a confirmation that the said financial inducement came from Alison-Madueke.

There is also her connection with Aluko and Omokore who have allegedly drenched themselves in obscene opulence, including the acquisition of a $50 million luxury condominium in New York and a $80 million yacht – which reportedly hosted the 32nd birthday of freaking Beyonce.

U.S Court papers also revealed that Aluko and Omokore earned over $1.5billion in revenues from the sales of Nigeria’s crude oil and that sum was laundered into the U.S and the U.K through the purchase of properties and other luxury items for themselves and Alison Madueke.

A Federal High Court in Ikoyi ordered the TEMPORARY (temporary nitori olorun) forfeiture of a $37.5m property at Banana Island bought by Diezani in 2013.

The court also ordered a TEMPORARY forfeiture of the sums of $2,740,197.96 and N84, 537,840.70, which is said to be part of the rent collected on the property.


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