Divorce Rate Presently

Generally, the divorce rate in Nigeria has increased over years. Asides the fact that we have more girls than boys, these are the few things -In My Opinion that has increased the divorce rate:

Education : A 14 year old girl finishes from high school, she immediately progresses to the university most times private schools, she finishes university at 18, serves her country and get a job. At 21 they start to ask where her the husband is…..Education & Work status is not equals maturity.

Family Pressure : This people called family be pushing everybody into fire since 1940….you have to marry now, your mates are married..this that, can’t they just understand then when its time for marriage it will definitely happen. You are now forced to choose a partner whom you may not necessarily be in love with all in the name of..i want to get married.

Peer Pressure : Asides the family breathing down one’s neck,peer pressure is also an issue. So you have a group of 5 friends ( you being the 5th) and 3 of them are already married,the 4th just got engaged and then you start to feel left out from the marriage fenzy. This may affect your psyche directly or indirectly..you now feel the need to settle down with someone (who you may not really be in love with once again)

Social Media : Not all we see on social media is real…wish ladies can really understand this.

Case Study : Few weeks ago a kehinde, a girl who is engaged to a white dude went in on another girl Ronke for threatening her unborn child because her white man & Ronke had a fling, after which Ronke refused to leave this man alone.
Ronke fired back immediately with receipts that it was the man that won’t let her be… Point here is, this Kehinde & her white lover are inspiration to a lot of girls and say a few guys on social media, #bae goals, bae that, bae this etc.

Moral of the story : Not everything you see online is real, you have no idea what they go through behind close doors.

Trust Issues : Ok, you guys are married now …but uncle still checks your phone investigating what is not. Same as aunty.  When there is no trust in a union ,how does the foundation intend to be strong? Trust yourself more guys,give yourselves the  benefit of doubts

Love at first Sight : This ,though romantic can also be a cause. How?  you may ask, Girl meets boy at on this particular day..they are instantly attracted,they start talking, things go so fast that 3 month time ,they get married.. Haba now!!!Isn’t that time so little for you to know about him or her…This may result to Knowing very little information about your partner.
I know how Bellanaija makes us all feel with this wedding fantasies we see….trust me, i dey look am. But how many of these marriages are built on a solid foundation?
Lets be careful, it’s good to be married but best to be married with the love of your life for a long time without ever thinking of a divorce.

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  1. i really enjoyed reading this one, the obsession about getting married these days…geez, with no foundation at all, lesson to us all..lets remain patient, marriage ain’t a million dollar lottery

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