Dollar Rate & MIA Situation

Trust me, the header as nothing to do with this write up, i just had to put something up there.

I’m sorry i have been MIA for a while, the situation in this country is something else, with the dollar rate that is just going up and down like a turbulent relationship with the dollar been the lady obviously *wink*

I have had a few funny events  during the time have been away from blogging, i will just tell them in no particular order.

Couple of days ago, a guy told me i have been very one sided with my blog in the sense that am a woman fighter Aka Feminist, he said some of the content on my blog portray me as a feminist, i don’t think that is bad but I don’t consider myself a feminist, that s**t is soooo harrdddd (in rihanna’s voice) to carry out but the shocking thing this person said was that, it feels like feminist want the male folks to go on extinction. In my mind, am like ***so men are scared?…Go Feminism!!!

Anyways, based on this feedback, i will try to play Devil’s Advocate and be on the side of Men for a little while…lol.

Another Event – So on one of the numerous days i enter Danfo, on this particular i was with a colleague and we chatted all the way to my bus stop, i was almost sure i dropped my phone in one of the small zips in my bag.

As a sharp girl, immediately i got down, i checked the zip…No phone…ghen ghen calculating dollar rate in 00000.0001 second.

I immediately stopped the bus, shouting my colleague’s name in the process…”my phone my phone”, the bus conductor was also very helpful by stopping the bus from going, it was only me that got down from the bus na, so the phone is inside the bus, everybody in the bus were all looking for my phone.

On the other hand i was still searching through my bag for it and in that minute, i found the phone in my bag, just laying fallow inside the bag….oh well s**t happens, you know how this our bags can be.

In other News, AnythingOye is back.

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