Don’t Let the “BF” Meet the Family

When is the right time to bring your boyfriend home to meet your family? dah…he is the “boyfriend” not the “fiancee”….Not talking about meet my Dad, just the mom, brother, sister etc?

In my opinion, i think you should not take him home until after he has proposed, this why i think so:

  • When he meets your mom, she starts to ask about the well being of your relationship
  • When you break up with him and bring the next guy home, your older siblings and mum start to count them for you, like you don’t already know the number in your head.
  • When he meets your mom/fam, he starts to think he his entitled and can drop by the house anytime..No way mister
  • When he meets that little fragment of your family, he thinks someone is pressurizing him to get married.
  • Why let him meet your family, when some people still breakup after their introduction, Not like i wish that on anyone…just saying
  • When he meets the family, you cannot do your own personal runz, just incase you have a plan B, they start to remind you that you have a bf.

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