Ese Walter’s Piece From Bellanaija

Marraige issue


Something i have learned from bN is that their commenters will always give you the full story to any story they post that is if the story has a back story that we the regular people, Example is Ese Walters piece, on this piece this lady made us understand what she was going through in her marriage and how she did not love her husband before getting married to him and this got pretty bad, the solution is that she had to love herself before she could love him.

Bottom line is that she and her husband are working it out. Various people had opinions about this but the comment that got my attention, was the lady that said she was about to get married and she did not love the man that she was getting married to but given Ese has worked out her own situation, then it will work for her.

She was advised by various commenters not to do so. In my opinion Love does not guarantee success in marriage not one bit and this is for people who genuinely love their spouse before they got married, most people actually think they are in love. My question is how were our great-grandparents who were mostly match-made and simply met their spouse on the wedding day able to make it work?

Critically speaking, Divorce rate presently is so alarming that people are getting scared of getting married, so just maybe been friends with your partner is key, so that when the love disappears it won’t look like the veil has cleared from your eyes just like that.

If you guys are friends and then lovers, when the love disappears you guys can be friends all over again and then fall in love again.

In conclusion, i believe that love without friendship makes marriages and relationships crumble a solid foundation in Christ.



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