The Evil Whatsapp Group Conversation

Do you agree with this conversation between a few friends on whatsapp?

Friend A: Please I gat one question- how will you know when a guy Is serious?
Friend B: Cause sometimes you think do and sometimes you really do not know
Friend  B: anyways but on a serious Note, I think, “when a guy is serious”, you may never Know
Friend  A: Hmmm
Friend B: Ask yourself these questions: What do I want in a Man? What vibe am I passing onto these guys?
Friend C: I think sometimes, infact most times u know
Friend B: I think when we start to let them understand that we are grown women with no time to play, the unserious ones will definitely take a step back because they know they are not ready for what you want
Friend B: but this is the fear we have because we know that when we let them understand this fact, we start to think we are pushing them away, that’s when things start to get fuzzy and complicated
Friend B:  So basically it’s not an easy step, so you keep fuzzing things still the right one is going all out to tell you YES, I’m serious
Friend C: The handwriting is usually boldly written on the wall
Friend B: not always
Friend B: what do i know sha
Friend C: An unserious guy has traits
Friend C: B most times we know
Friend B: yes we do
Friend B: thats where the fear thing comes in
Friend C: Like u said the fear to face our reality
Friend B: Exactly
Friend A: Hmmmm
Friend C: Exactly…. we usually just think oh if we do they will go
Friend C: That’s what A did with that guy
Friend C: Until u decide to be serious just be in your lane

Ladies, so there is this thing I have been hearing from people lately about what the bible says somewhere in Isaiah:

“In that day seven women will take hold of one man and say, “We will eat our own food and provide our own clothes; only let us be called by your name. Take away our disgrace!”

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