Facebook Shenanigans

Generally, i do not like Facebook but certain situation that i have found myself as made me return back to FACEBOOK, that’s a story for another day.

Facebook is generally a very friendly place and you can catch up with old friends and all that but atimes people just say stuff that annoy me

A random person you have not spoken with in 10 years decides to say Hi, saying hi is not bad but when you start to form like we are best friends, man i don’t know you anymore, you may have become a criminal now, who knows and i could be one, so don’t try to continue from where we stopped 10 years ago.

Then the strangers you don’t know that want t0 know you, this also not bad, who knows this person may be your WIFE to be or HUSBAND to be but what kills me is the pick up line:



What are we exploring, seriously who says explore……


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