Fashion Essentials to Looking Good

Fashion is looking good which is an essential, whether we choose to admit to it or not. Our physical appearance shows a little of our personality and like the saying goes, you are addressed the way you are dressed.

You don’t necessarily need clothes to make you look better but the right pieces can boost your confidence and make you feel more attractive.

Take a cue from what i think about dressing up and looking good.

1. Every lady should have a perfect form-fitting dress – A form-fitting dress is essential and ideal. An A-line shape is the best, since it is very flattering, but a simple shift silhouette dress is also perfect.

Dress 1Shift Dress


Heels to Die for –  Yes, your shoes will dramatically take your outfit from drab to fab, its important to also know when to pair your shoe with what outfit.

Oye - Looking good 2 Oye - Looking Good


Gorgeous Jewelry

This adds the finishing touch to your outfit. If your beauty was a sentence, jewellery would be the proper punctuation.

Oye - Look Oye - Looking Good 3




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