The Fear of Change – Metathesiophobia

What is it about change that makes everybody cringe with fear and then revolt?

Why is our first reaction always to be against it?

Why do we have a problem with new ways of doing things?

What is it with change that makes everyone so angry with the process and the bringer of this change?

What if we took a second  look at the change process and see how it can be made better?

What is wrong with asking logical questions about the change, instead of antagonizing this change?

Fear of change is also part of the things that affects our relationships, the fear of letting a new person in.

The fear of trying a new meal, fear of changing your daily routine to include someone or something else.

Our fear of change is one of the things that stops us from moving ahead in life.

Change may or may not be good for us but its worth trying at all times, whatever the result is, at the end of the day, you would have learnt something from the experience.

Make that change to make things different.



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