Finding My Journey To Self

At 18, I was that little girl that just liked to laugh and have fun. I didn’t really have a direction but I knew I wanted to be happy and have beautiful children, prettier than me because I always felt I was lacking in that department – the bulging tummy which i’m still dealing with  and there was that issue of complex here and there. Yeah,some of us can relate am sure …

All I wanted was to be book smart and still have fun but every once in while there are those stupid mistakes you make.Starting from the pressure from the first boyfriend whether or not to have sex, the pressure from dad not to have a boy has friend and a mother who just wanted to make sure you did not lack anything.

But one thing I was sure of was that, I wanted to graduate with second class upper no matter what it takes,there was no stopping me and my Lord did not fail me. At that age I knew that if I set my mind at something, I will do it and No Jupiter can stop me. Although, taking that final decision was always difficult.

Now as a grown woman, I look back and see that little girl who just wanted to live life and be happy, yes mistake were made and learnt from. Thanks to them, I’v become stronger than I could have imagined  and molded into the person I am today.

So I will tell myself : Live like everyday will be your last because no matter the short corners or long express, life will always bring its blows and you just have to woman up and deal with it!

Still on my journey to self discovery …


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