My First 20 Days with The TECNO Camon CM

On the 9th of January, 2018, leading mobile phone manufacturer TECNO Mobile broke all existing records by creating their first slim bezels design smart phone, the Camon CM. Not only is it their first slim bezels device, it is also the first mid-range device to feature the standard 18:9 (full view) display in the market.

Now what is so spectacular about this device? Is it just the screen? Of course not! After unboxing the device and using this device for the past 20 days, here are some of the few things I personally discovered:


The Camon CM features a sleek and beautiful body design. Though it is plastic, it feels and looks so good. Perfect curves at the edges, smooth and sleek design… it is sure to catch your eyes… and bae’s eye too. It comes with a sealed casing so sim and SD card would need to be inserted from the side of the device… Just one tray for all. The device’s sim tray only accepts Nano sized sims.


This is one of the obvious feature of the device. It offers a full view screen due to the slim bezels. The 18:9 screen size is actually the standard Netflix Screen size. So when next you want to watch something from Netflix, this device would come in handy. Funny thing is, there is an option on the device to deactivate the full view mode for each application installed, just in case you are not a fan.


This is the part that really catches my attention. This device comes with HiOS 3.2.0 which happens to be the latest version. It comes with a lot of new features which include:

Front, Back and Dual Flashlight Usage: There is now a setting that allows you to be able to use the front flashlight or back flashlight or even both as a torchlight at night.

OTG Switch: There is now an OTG on and off switch in the notification tray to control OTG usage on the device. This function is also present in the settings menu.

Eye Care: This is also an exciting new feature that helps protect your eyes at night against screen brightness. It changes the screen colour to a warm yellow colour that is comforting to the eyes at night.

Better Battery Optimization: I really score TECNO high on this. The Camon CM is one of the most optimized Tecno device I have ever used in terms of battery efficiency. The device really does saves battery. Your 3000MaH feels like 5000MaH


There were some multitasking issues with the previous version of the Camon (Camon CX). But this issue appears to have been fixed on the Camon CM. The device multitasks easily and apps don’t force shutdown or close when in idle mode.


Even though it was not included as part of its features, I can confirm to you the device charges very fast. This simply means fast charging is present on the device.


For the first time, Tecno Mobile is including a flashlight indicator for calls on a smart phone as an in-built function. Of course it could be deactivated in the settings if you don’t want it.


The device also comes with a blue indicator light that blinks whenever you have a notification. It also stays on when the device is charging. The downside to this light is it is just one colour, Blue and it also doesn’t change or go off when the device is fully charged.


When I tested the audio sound using earpiece, I was impressed cause the output was not only loud, the separation was on point too. The output is standard regardless of the quality of the earpiece you are using.


Though it was also not listed in its features, this was one of the first features I tested in the camera section. In total darkness, the screen brightens up and works like a flashlight on your pictures. Very cool feature I must say.


This is a major leap in the connectivity section. A 4GLTE option is sure to help you enjoy fast browsing speed. Although the downside to this is that there is no 4G only option.


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