First 6 Months Post Pregnancy

The first one month is so not funny, no sleep, my husband did not sleep for the first one month, though he has been very supportive.

The new member wants all the attention, crying, selfish as hell, which leads to exhaustion, no sleep, no time for you and your partner for the first one year, to make it worse my husband feels left out. One of my friend took a weekend off with her husband for some lone time after their baby was 6 months

Delivery :

Forget the stories, delivery is painful, forget that myth that says you should not shout, so that you won’t shout through out other deliveries..Trust me i screamed.

There is also something i call the 10 stages of delivery DILATION, you have to be 10 cm wide before you can start to push, if 5 fingers can go into your vagina then you are ready for delivery but the journey to 5 fingers is very far, one finger equals 2 cm, 2 fingers equal 4 cm moving from one cm to another can take hours it also comes with constant pain and contraction( when you feel all the pain of life, menstrual pain times 100).

The Danger of pushing at 2cm or 6 cm is internal bleeding, so you have to wait till you are at 10 cm before you can push.

Giving Birth To the placenta ( i never thought you have to give birth to seriously, its just that thing in a nylon):

So the placenta of my baby did not come out and the doctor said i have not had the delivery yet, he had to put his hands into me, i mean the half of the arm all the way to the elbow.

First time he could not find the placenta and the second time and he got the magic.

As A Mom :

As a first time mom, its not easy,  you have to understand the baby and trust me we do need help,

first two months, he wakes up like 5 times during the night…to eat all through….

At 3 months its reduces to 3 times at night…..last one by 5 am to play

As i do not have  a maid i do everything myself.

At one month. i taught him to be self dependent, put him in the rocker, strap him in it and i get to other business.

He cried for the first two days but he got used to it and we are all living fine… we have an agreement.

Still on my journey to motherhood and its been amazing with all the drama and stress, I would not trade it for anything in the world.







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