It’s Just An Introduction

The other day, my close friend called to ask me why i did not go for a friend’s introduction cos she is quite close to me or say our mothers are a bit close but that’s just about it, my response was she did not invite but then i should not be there, i don’t have any reason to be there, “its just an introduction”. So this post happened.

So what is an introduction abeg, in my mind, it is simply when you are meeting someone for the first time, so lets take it to wedding introductions, have you noticed how introductions are gradually becoming full blown parties lately.

In those days, i remember that for wedding introductions the husband-to-be’s immediate family and the most important extended family members plus a FEW friends of the groom (i do not think few is the right word here, so lets say 2-4), they go to meet with the bride’s family where they also have the immediate family , few of the extended and say 2-4 friends of the bride.

Lets go to present day, i do not know if its our parents that are changing the dynamics of introduction or its simply us that is doing the change.

Truth be told, i have never ¬†been to anybody’s introduction before because when my sisters were getting married i was in school and nobody thought it was important for me to come home for the event, simply because its just an introduction, so basically i just had pictures and it was mostly a living room type of thing but now just go to social media, the difference is clear, you see a picture and say this traditional wedding is so nice and you hear NO ooo, its just Introduction am like whhhhhhattt, whatttapend.

A lot of people may not agree with me but seriously people, its just an introduction, some people still don’t make it to the alter, even after that event(not trying to be pessimistic), but why is there so much fuss?

Maybe i should bend a little for family but for friends, if you are simply the friend of the bride and have never met the groom or vice versa, you don’t have any business at the introduction, if you are really close to the bride, you will have met her husband-to-be at ¬†some point and same goes for the guys too.

Turn up is allowed at a bar after the introduction somewhere a way from the house of the celebrants but don’t turn the introduction to a reception party, with canopies, stands and all that. Keep it simple people, its just an introduction

What do i know, maybe am just jealous since am still anyways ….i just enjoy ranting.


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