My Flat Tummy Journey!

I am not a skinny girl neither am i a fat one, but its still annoys the heck out of me when i hear people call me fat. Not like am insecure about my weight…well i used to be insecure about my tummy because sisterly and brotherly I have one of those pot belly tummy, just round around the lower abdomen area with no single fold (that i’m proud of). However, I SHALL always blame my dad for this atrocity, he has one of those round calabash-like tummy, hard like a rock, we have both been on a journey to a flat tummy for as long as i can remember, mehnn Ko easy rara.

I know that there is a lot of photo shop everywhere but damn just look at herrrr (in my best ghanian accent ever)

flat tummy

Yes a tiny fold she has going on, but some of us are praying for this


I really do not know how to feel when I see pictures like this, i simply just look down at my pot,

Should i be motivated to hit the gym? (exercising isn’t really my problem)

Should cut down on food ..Yes I should ( this is the actual problem right here people)

All i do is stalk girls on Instagram in my baggie t-shirt eating junk wishing I was pretty and fit….

But there is light at the end of this tunnel because people always say that, if you can admit to yourself that this is the problem then you have made headway… I feeee better already….


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