How Do you Love Your Flaws & Insecurities?

I do not like to look at my full body in the mirror cause all I see is flaws & insecurities

The same mirror that makes you feel like the most beautiful person in one second can leave you feeling like the ugliest the next minute.

Insecurities are like cracks in a wall, patches on a paint job, stains on white & blood clot on the skin.

You walk down the street with the thought that people can see right through your insecurities & bulls**t but they really cannot most of the time though.

When someone loves us with all our flaws & insecurities, will build a bridge between us & that person and a wall around this bridge with the hope that we can build our home in this bubble.

When this person leaves, our wall & bridge is broken, all of a sudden, all our insecurities & flaws are more visible than they have ever been.

But what if we embrace our flaws, cracks & insecurities? I’m sure you have heard that line before “Love yourself flaws & all”

How do you love your flaws, cracks & insecurities?

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