For the Love of Beard Gangers

There are various types of bearded men, while a lot them get the ladies all flustered and nervous, the others are just plain confused, so i will be running through various types of bearded men.

  1. My favorite – The Sexy Thug with a beard – TST…..this is the all time of major sex appeal for a guy with beards, they have that hmmmmm#beardgang, that most girls want.

Beard 2

2. My second favorite is BBM – Bald Bearded Men, this guys could be very cocky, we still like them like that…



3.  Mr Steal Your Girl – This type of bearded men like to take care of themselves with the soul aim of taking another man’s girl. #amfroshlikethat..Girls….Beware of this Kind.

Beard 5

4. Here we have PAS – Pick A Struggle, you either want be bald with beards or have a clean shave with the hair…..looking bushy is not really cool.

Beard 6

5.   Fine Wine- Hmmm this is one granpa every young lady will dream of having as an accessory, just look at that beard.


Beard 7

So guys any more bearded men i did not include?


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