Freeze VS Tiwa & Teebillz

I do not like to do the entertainment gist but i couldn’t resist this not because of Tiwa and Teebillz but because of the one and only Daddy Freeze.

A. Daddy freeze decided to weigh in on the issue like he always does on every trending issue, we can’t fault him for this, its part of his job i guess. A few things he said in summary:

1.The weather was great and he will be turning 40

2.  Himself and his radio wife assumed that Tunji’s account was hacked because Tunji was the most romantic husband and lover

3. Teebillz helped him a great deal during his win at Nickelodeon Awards, he helped him to announce to the press because he his the first Nigerian to win such a prestigious award.

B. Daddy Freeze went in on Tiwa with claims that she revealed too much during her interview. 

1. The interview was premeditated because it was pitch perfect with great audio.

2. She made very hurtful allegations towards Tunji without considering the fact he his suicidal.

3. She should have asked to swear on ayilala or amardioha as we do not have polygraphs in Nigeria to deny the allegations thrown at her by Tunji.

C. Daddy Freeze Again – Tiwa is a Very Respectful Yoruba Lady

1. He could not sleep all through the night – No sleep no catch you ni o

2. Tiwa is a very polite and respectful yoruba lady, she is also a very good woman, who still cares about Tunji.

3. He also reminded us that he will soon be 40 AGAIN.

4. He wanted to slap himself because he was insensitive in his last post.

Please note that this will not be the last time Daddy Freeze will talk about this issue on social media.

D.  Daddy Freeze – SAN about to Sue Tiwa For Assassination of Tunji’s Person

1. He told us that Banky’s mum kicked Tunji out of banky’s house. Gbeborun somebody

2. A SAN wants to file a lawsuit against tiwa on Behalf of TBillz, sighting character assassination and demanding a scary amount of money in punitive damages. – Why were you the calleeeee

3. He also pleaded for hours on behalf of Tiwa for the man to let things be.

4. Teamjamil has to win – The only reasonable thing he said.

E.  Daddy Freeze Says – Tee Billz tested negative to cocaine and other hard drugsYou Again Daddy

1. Tbills tests negative to hard drugs, this is from an unconfirmed source who saw them in a lab at VI.

2. Lets keep praying for the family.

Who prays for a family while hurting them at the same time…only a parasitic person

Mr Freeze what is your business? are you part of their family?

Are you Tiwa or Tbillz’s PR person.

Can’t you freeze your mouth? must you talk about them?

 Leave them alone Mr public announcer..


2 thoughts on “Freeze VS Tiwa & Teebillz”

  1. Okay I honestly barely ever take this guy serious… I don’t like him for anything and I think if he paid as much attention in his last marriage as he does in other people”s life he probably would have had a more fulfilling marriage

  2. Its his job and also free to have an opinion and finally how does their matter help to reduce the price of fuel??

    But come to think of it the ”alleged Nackstars”” Don jazzy and Dr Sid never came out to deny not sleeping with Tiwa? which in variably speaks that it actually happened…..

    Let’s leave tori for tortoise……..

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