My Friend is Getting Married #DEEBEE2016

My friend is getting married….too excited, I know it’s not mine ….… but i just can’t keep calm!!!
The fact that your friend from school with whom you did a lot of crap with, class, hostel & everything is about to tie the knot is just amazing …

I still remember back in the day, when my girlfriends and i used to argue about who will get married first, I think we always thought she will be the first or second to get married…. and yeap, we were right! She was the sanest amongst us ….lol.
Weddings are more fun when you know the bride or groom PERSONALLY.
So just because I can (#winks), I’m soo gonna pull a Bellanaija on them.Deebee2

How it all began….

From the Groom:

Early 2014, I had issues with my Ex because the relationship was about to hit the rocks, it got so bad that everyone around me noticed. One evening, a cousin of mine called to check on me and then told me that he had a girl he wanted me to meet…….he knew my kind of girl **wink**wink.

So I was introduced to Karphym. She was in Ilorin while I was in Abuja, we got talking for about 2 months….as friends, the pictures she sent were too good to be true and I was going to wait till we met physically.

May 2014, I came to Ilorin for a program and I asked that she should come pick me up at the airport. The moment I set my eyes on her, I knew she is my other half and missing rib, but still made sure I never rushed things.

August 2014, I came back to Ilorin for my sister’s wedding and that was when I started asking her out..… Girls and their “shakara”…..
Finally, Sept 13th 2014 precisely, she finally decided to date me and since then it’s been an amazing journey coupled with endless happiness with her. I also realized why my previous relationships never worked and I’m glad it never did. She’s God-sent honestly.

In Karphy…I believe in the quote which reads: “happy is the man who find a true friend and far happier is he who find that true friend in his wife”



Painful that there was no one to capture the moment. It happened on Feb 13th 2015. I would have done it much earlier but the ring came in late.

So that week I told her I would be busy and might not be able to make to Ilorin for Valentine….. She was visibly disappointed but then had no choice on the matter..… Lol!!
Unknown to her, I flew in on Friday 13th, I got her blue bunny ice cream, her favorite and Coco Chanel perfume also her fav. Around 7 pm, I called to tell her that I may just be in Ilorin and that she should meet me at Chronicles restaurant. She said No that I shouldn’t disturb her. She was sure there was no way i could  have been in Ilorin that night.

After a long persuasion, she finally agreed to come there and yeah, she was surprised to see me. I ordered her favorite Chinese cuisine…special fried rice with beef in chili sauce and prawn in sweet & sour sauce.
After the meal, I gave her the ice cream & perfume and asked if the journey (relationship) has been a worthwhile adventure, she answered in affirmative. I probed further to know if she was willing to continue on the endless bliss with me.
Then suspicion set in…she was just in awe and kept mute. I then went on one knee and asked the big question…… in an heartbeat, i got a resounding YES followed by the sweetest kiss I ever had in my life…

From the bride:

He got my number from his cousin who happened to be a friend of mine and he just started disturbing me on Whatsapp. Trust me in my mind, it was no disturbance…lol.
For the first 2 months we communicated via Whatsapp, sending pictures to each other.

Finally, he decided to come to Ilorin and I picked him up at the airport, which was our first time of meeting physically. When I saw him, I was so shy that I couldn’t look into his eyes.

When he got back to Abuja,  he started asking me out and it was necessary to do “shakara”. I finally acceded to all his overtures and we started dating on 13th September, 2014 and we have never looked back since then.
It’s been an amazing journey with him, he is my friend, brother and confidant and I am ready to be his MRS.



Deebee 4

DeeBee 3


Wedding Planner : maitre_d_events

Photos by : J Gates Visuals

Makeup : eeswatmakeovers


9 thoughts on “My Friend is Getting Married #DEEBEE2016”

  1. yaaayi… my friend is getting married… i always knew she would take d lead…. who is next???? kemi? Rukky? Atilade??? Joro? meee??

  2. awwwww.nau I wanna cry…that’s so romantic😘 😍 we can’t keep calm
    ….@awokola watch out for d next person*wink*

  3. Awwwwhn…I just love love love LOVE…Such a pretty girl blessed with an obviously romanric hubby….may God bless ur union guys…

  4. Awww.. my friend is getting married 😆😆😆 can’t wait for the craziness and lAugher that will unfold because all my girls are on the train💃💃💃 can’t wait to find out who’s next😆… Congrats again my love .

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