Friend Or Foe

We all have that friend that has never agreed with your choice in a man/woman or relationship and at some point you begin to wonder if he/she is jealous of you or they really means well.

Most times you will notice that your bf and that never get along in your presence at least but they may just be getting down behind your back.

Worst of all is when you tell you guys that you just met a really beautiful girl and then you show them her picture and they go, this babe go dey knack everything she see……really..

Here are circumstances when your best friends could turn out to be your worst relationship nightmare :

Your friends think your date’s not good enough – Ever been here? You date someone you really like but your friends think your date’s obnoxious or ugly? At times like these, you may start wondering yourself if you’ve made the wrong choice. And once you start thinking, it’s easy to mentally turn even a perfect partner into an ugly hag.

Talking about past relationships – Past relationships are always sensitive. When you and your date are hanging out with your friends, do your friends constantly talk about your exes or about the way you used to behave around an ex just to have a laugh?

Friends who make you ignore your lover – When you’re out with your lover and your friends, do your friends constantly try to keep you occupied or try to split both of you into separate conversations?

Friends who flirt with your lover – There are bad friends and then there are worse. Friends who flirt with your new date behind your back are the worst kind. If your friend tries to put you down, or calls up your lover and speaks for hours when you’re not around, there’s a good chance that your friend is looking for ways to break both of you up and enter the picture.

Your friends speak ill of you. Do your friends treat you disrespectfully when you’re with your date? Your friends should help you impress your date and win a lover over, not make you look bad. If your friends put you down in front of your lover, they’re probably jealous or annoyed.

Friends who constantly want your attention. Do your friends constantly butt in when you’re hanging out with your new lover? To your friends, gate crashing your romantic date may seem like a laugh. But it can actually piss your new date off.

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