How FRSC Ruined My Business

When I started working just after my NYSC less than two years ago, my company had a family & friends party. Our current chairman then CEO, gave a speech – you know all these Harvard people and how they can talk and blow grammar everywhere, I was in and out of concentration but there was something he said and showed us on a chart that caught my attention which was that, we have had 7 years of plenty money in circulation since about 2008 and the economy was good for business (yeah, i’m like what economy was good then, oh boy little did I know) and he also noted that come 2015  to another 4- 7 years the economy will be very tight ( the economy wee not be tight for me in Jesus Name, can i get an Amen).

Anyways, this is 2016 and if not because I know that this man studied business and is very intelligent, I would have said that he is another spiritual person. Nigeria as been going through difficult times and its affecting everybody, its crazy but i will tell not to give up your personal business ventures that you intend to do.

Earlier this year, I decided to start a logistics business (pick up and deliver to any customer within Lagos). I was so excited about this.I had some people warn me, while others were supportive. Weeks later,I started it as a risk taker, got my bike and rider and I  launched. Business did not start immediately which is normal, these things take time, I was  paying my rider per day.

First Obstacle – Rider started complaining, that there was something wrong with the bike, claiming to fix the bike (ok..yeah a colleague into the business sold the bike to me claiming it was new…rollyoureyes), so I really could not really ascertain that this rider of mine was lying or not.

Obstacle 2 : Fuel price was giving me high blood pressure and trust Nigerian to still want to price but on this one I triumphed (the wall of Jericho fell) but to get fuel to deliver sef nko…na war but I still kept pushing.

Obstacle 3 : Rider was still complaining about the bike bringing up more issues.

Obstacle 4 : FIRSC….Jesus is Lord, those people were bleeding my life…Short story, they caught my rider twice in one day….story for another day. I am sure my blood pressure literally spiked, Gawdd it was exhausting. At this point, I could not take it anymore, cos ammmm onnnnly human (in Christina Perri’s voice).

Yes some will say I should not have given up but I could not take it but this does not mean I will stop trying other business ventures. You win some and you loose some. Maybe I was just not caught out for the logistics business but there is still something out there for me and I just need to think outside of the box or just remove the box completely.

Moral of the Story : for you lazy people that can’t read my story, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, what matters is getting up and trying again. Don’t stop trying to get to the top coz the more you get up, the closer you are to success.



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