Girl Bestfriend VS Actual Girlfriend

In my colleague’s words, Kola is dating Bimbo but is best friend is Joy – is this situation-ship allowed?

Is it actually wrong for a guy to have a female bestfriend or vice versa

I wouldn’t be cool with it personally if this relationship after me and the guy start our relationship, i should be your besfriend, better half, life and the very air you breathe …..

In a situation where the guy has been in best friends with the girl before you came into the picture, would it be wrong?

In my opinion, its not wrong as long as there are set rules. Making your girlfriend comfortable about your female best friend is very IMPORTANT: these are a few ways to help you with such situations.

Don’t Lie when it comes to you and your FBF : This will definitely be the cause of a long relationship with trust issues. Whenever your girlfriend sees anything that has to do with your FBF, she begins to question your every move. If you are with your FBF at any place just state it has it is.

Show subtle love and support to your gf when your FBF is around : This will let your girlfriend more confident about the relationship between you and your FBF.

If you have to go out with your FBF, take your girlfriend with her, let your girlfriend be the one to refuse the offer.

Guy…you have make sure they are cool with each…like good friends, to avoid that awkwardness.

Your FBF has to be comfortable around your girlfriend, if not ask her why…..she may just be shady.

Let your FBF know that your girlfriend means the world to you.

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