Girl Code Or Nah : My Friend Can’t Date My Ex

So the other day on my snap, this guy i follow : bollylomo…he is really cool, yall should follow him, so he had this discussion about the girl code and he asked a couple of his female followers if they can date their friend’s Ex or will let their friend date their Ex.

A couple of girls did not see anything wrong with that, if it did not work with her, does not mean it won’t work with me, though bolly said a lot of girls said it is wrong for your friend to date your Ex and guys were like whats is the big deal.

This my angle…y’all know i always have one:

A (1) Reasons why you can date your friend’s Ex:

  • First if she is just your friend, say not so close, then yeah you can date the guy
  • If your friend has wronged you in the past and you have been looking for ways to get back at her, don’t just date….let him get ALL OF IT (*grins*)
  • If y’all are planning something evil for the guy. (personal fave)
  • If your friend genuinely gives you her blessing. (this is tricky & important).
  • If you and the guy in question are really in love and don’t just care.

A (2) Reasons why you shouldn’t date your friend’s Ex:

  • If you really want trust in your relationship then don’t do it. Technically you will always have to watch your back and the moment your friend (who used to date your bf) are together alone you start to worry about what they are doing together. This could also be you worrying over nothing.
  • There is also a 90 percent chance that your friend and your bf will get together. (once debe always debe, maybe not always..remember that 10 percent)
  • There is a huge probability that the guy just wants some ass.
  • Your friend has seen your guy’s d**k, she has touched it, massaged it and y’all have probably talked about it sometime.

B (1) Reasons why you should let your friend your date Your Ex:

  • If you have really let go of this guy and you could care less about what he does, then let your friend date him.
  • If the guy in question asked for your consent, then just maybe he means well for your friend.
  • What if the guy and your friend were meant to be together, don’t be a destiny blocker because of your past.
  • If the girl in question is not so close to you, then yeah let them get it together.

B(2) Reasons why you should not let your friend date your Ex.

  • If you still have a thing for the guy in question, you may need to let her know or stop being friends with her. Chances are you could still get it on with him.
  • If you are a very jealous type don’t give your consent to the relationship. Kindly give her disclaimer about how anything can happen (remember once debe always debe)
  • You just don’t want them to be together

In reality, if she is really your good friend she would not date your EX, if she knows that there has been intimacy over a couple of time. (you and your friends can share everything but not the same D except y’all are hoes, then its accepted, no big deal for that situation.

Dating your friend’s EX isn’t the best except you are willing to stop being friends with her.

This is no girl code, if a guy truly loves a girl, he can’t stand to see her with some other guy talk less of his friend. So this goes for everyone. Friend’s Exes are off limit.

Yes, the times we are living in, everyone knows everybody but not everyone is your very good friend. So make your choices wisely.

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