With A Girl By Levy Braide

Moving into my own room was so exciting. I really wanted to be alone, just a little bit far away from my big sister. It was the best thing that had happened to me in months. Demola drove me that morning to my hall, complaining throughout the drive about my clothes. He went on and on, he still hadn’t been able to understand that a girl never has too many.

That night I lay on my bed feeling like a proud room owner, I was already decorating the room in my head when a knock on the door interrupted my thoughts. I thought to myself ‘first friend!’ I was just too excited.

She stood like she was a model, such broad shoulders, perfect shape and flawless skin.  Uche was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Looking at her, I felt the heat rising inside me and this made me uncomfortable; only Demola had ever made me feel that way. I shrugged it off and was able to get the word out; I said “hi” having this sheepish smile plastered on my face. She smiled back at me not taking her eyes off me. There was something to that look I just couldn’t place it. Holding out her hand she said “hi, I’m Uche, I’m two rooms down the hallway, welcome to our block”. I just smiled and said “thank you”.  The next morning she came over to help me unpack, I was happy; I really needed the extra hand.

Uche and I became good friends and it was a good thing Demola liked her. He had never liked any of my friends, giving the excuse that they were all fake.

That Tuesday morning, I decided to make pancakes for breakfast when I realized I was out of flour. I went over to Uche’s room to borrow from her. I knocked on her door a few times, when I got no response I checked the locks and it was unlocked so I just walked in.  I was about to walk out when I didn’t see anyone in the room, then I heard her voice from the bathroom, she was singing. While waiting for her, she walked into the room naked and all I could do was just open my mouth and stare. I had never seen such perfect breasts, not even in the movies. Her legs looked longer than usual and the thigh gap made me gasp. Her tummy was well structured and all I could think of was running my tongue on those contour lines. She shivered a bit as the water dripped from her hair to her nipples that were so perky, and went all the way down. I wondered why she smiled at me, I had no idea that it was because my nipples were already so visible through my pink sheer night wear. I could feel myself getting really wet and I just got weaker as the warmth formed between my legs. I couldn’t feel my legs anymore; I thought I was going to fall. My head was in a little bit of chaos as different thoughts ran through my head. I thought of how my body would feel standing next to her, how her breasts would taste in my mouth and how my fingers would feel inside her.  I couldn’t take my eyes off her naked body, it was so beautiful. I stood there trying to decide if I was going to stay or run back to my room.

I didn’t even realize I was already walking towards her, I felt so stupid, and I couldn’t even control my own body. But I was going to thank my body later.  I stood in front of her not knowing what to do, I just froze there. We were face to face for a minute before she kissed me doing things with her tongue that I never even knew existed.  Running my fingers slowly down the hollow of her back I kissed her back trying to use the little magic I had that always worked on Demola. My hands moved slowly to her butt as she kissed my neck biting it slowly and running her hands down my tummy. I couldn’t help but let out moans when she started teasing me by drawing circles just above my clit. I didn’t open my eyes until I felt the heat on my nipples, it was her breath. She sent a shiver down my spine when she put my breast in her mouth and cupped it. She bit my nipples, it felt so good.  She stopped, looked me straight in the eyes, she didn’t have to say a word, and I just went straight to the floor. Her kisses made its way from my head, neck, breasts, and tummy and down to my toes. Slowly it went all the way between my thighs and my legs began to shake uncontrollably. As she slid her fingers into me I left that room and we were in a place in my head where we only existed. She increased her pace and put the finger in faster. It made some very funny sounds because I was really wet. Her tongue replaced her fingers and it was a whole new feeling. Demola had never used his tongue down there, I cursed him in between breaths for depriving me of this. She made circles with her tongue before sucking the life out of me. The tongue deep inside of me, that tongue must be lifting some weights because it went in hard. “Nengi.. Nengi…” she moaned out my name. Her voice was so calm and it just turned me on the more. I felt her hands on my face ( I really wanted it somewhere else) I didn’t open my eyes until the gentle strokes on my face became hard slaps and that very sweet voice now had fear and worry in it. Opening my eyes I saw Uche leaning over me with this worried look on her face. I saw the relief on her face when I smiled. She said “Nengi are you alright? I came out of the shower and immediately you saw me, you fainted” I just thought to myself “oh shit! Really??” I smiled and said “oh sorry, I’ve been feeling sick lately. I just came to borrow some flour”. She helped me get into a chair before going to get some water for me to drink. Alone in the room I slipped my hand under my night dress and I was indeed very wet. That was an imagination I wanted to relive.

Uche walked into the room holding a glass of water, I tried hard to stop thinking about what I had just imagined but I couldn’t. This time I had control of my body, I knew what I wanted; jumping out of the chair I rushed to her and kissed her…..


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  1. If u won’t finish a story then don’t start na.. hian. Please don’t tell me the girl left Demola to do a girl o.. she Needs prayers biko

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