Girl On Girl Drama

Lets be real here,  its not news that a lot of girls are dramatic, but girl on girl drama is one of those things that makes me cringe, pissed and totally makes me laugh.

A -You walk into a room and see this other girl and you say hello with a big smile on your face  and she barely looks at you to even say the Hi….its the most annoying thing to do (like who made you queen of the universe)

B – You get  introduced to a girl and she would not look up to say hi to you, why do we have to be so stuck up and rude.

C – Its normal to have fights with people but some girls take it to another level,  Girl A and Girl B are fighting, automatically friends of girl A and girl B are also fighting, it childish, lets stop it, does not make sense. Or you unfriend or Unfollow the other person on social media…..bish plsssssssssssssssssss…..hahehehehahaa…this is the most ridiculous, really funny.

D – Hating on another girl because she is dating your friend’s Ex ( i admit this just comes natural to most of us…lol,, then the babe is now finer than your friend…) does not make it right though.

E – Girls and owing, you borrow from me or you buy something from me, when its time to pay, i become a wicked person with a really bad character…..

Girls….lets take it down a lil bit….

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