My Girlfriend Sent You That Text!!!

Ladies, what is this about? Pretending to be your boyfriend, sending messages on his phone and on his behalf to another person, We need to calm down, if you are forced to do this in a relationship then maybe you should re-consider your current situationship.

If you have the feeling to get on his phone and send that message, just maybe the relationship is not for you and you need to re-consider your status.

You should not have to fight for your man’s attention, Yes checking to see what he his up to, happens to most of us but acting on it by taking the fight to the third party is not acceptable, address the Elephant in the room. if you won’t be able to handle what you see on his phone, then do not go through it and where is the trust?

Like I stated earlier if you are constantly fighting 3rd parties i.e girls, then maybe you should get out, you are a QUEEN, he should treat you as such not letting you get into messy situations with other girls.

You need to get your confidence level at 10 (don’t get arrogant though), if you don’t think you are good enough or beautiful then you need to work on that before going into a relationship or else your mental well-being will be dependent on what your man dishes out to you.

So, Ladies, we are beautiful fat, skinny, Slim, light skinned, albino, Dark, Black, whatever size or skin colour, we are beautiful.

Get Your Life

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