You Have Got Questions, We Have Got Answers …

Did you miss the post yesterday I have got questions check that before you read this:

You said I did not give you my all and then I did but you opened an old wound

You said my all was not enough, I gave more, you had your fill and forgot how you longed for it…

You said I did not love enough, I showed more love and affection, it still wasn’t enough to fill your net of needs

You said I was not handsome enough, I tried to look smart for you, it still couldn’t attain ‘your’ synonym for Good Looks

You said I couldn’t represent you properly in public because I was too dull to you, I studied more, but you made it seem effortless

You said I was not crying enough, I cried so much, you found it look funny.

You said the meal was not well-prepared, you seem to forget that I put myself through stress to prepare a meal, just for you,

You said I was not stupid enough, being a fool was the only option but that too was not enough…Why the rain of insults?

You said you will be with me through it all but it was just another song when the birds inhabited the garden

You said you will never hurt me but you lied. I remember all you said, and can’t believe you’re one and the same.

You said I should trust you but you betrayed the promise I held dear…why?

You said you could die for me, but I see now it was all lines of deceit recited on a platform to mislead

If I lose myself on a voyage with you, the final destination won’t bear me witness on MY LOSS FOR LOVE SAKE.

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