Guess How Much Radiation You Are Exposed To Daily?



Going by the chart above:

The following are the list of things that increases the number of radiation you are exposed to daily:

Sleeping next to someone  – o.05 uSv  ( Like really….the dose was included)

Living within 50 miles of a nuclear plant for a year – 0.14 uSv

Eating one banana – 0.1 uSv ( Fitfam people)

Arm X-ray – 1 uSv

Using CRT Monitor for a Year – 1 uSv

Dental X-ray – 5 uSv

Living in a stone, brick or concrete building for a year 70 uSv

There so many other sources of radiation, most of which are not harmful in tiny doses but can become harmful over a long period of time.

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