Guy, What do You Do For A Living?

So i remember i had a conversation with this guy, can’t remember anything about this guy but i remember the conversation.

So we just started talking at that time and we were getting to know each other and who we were and all that and it got the part where i asked what he does for a living? And this guy says so fast….i couldn’t even wait small and i am already asking what he does?

Am thinking was i forward to ask what he does for a living?

Life is too short to be wondering…isn’t it?

Another example : So a friend just met this guy and he is cute, looks good and all and they were going to see each other and all and then i asked her what he does for a living and she says, they have not gotten to that part, meaning they have not spoken to that extent.

So my question when is the appropriate time to ask a guy what he does for a living?

7 thoughts on “Guy, What do You Do For A Living?”

  1. Guys are so cunny, which one is “We have not gotten to that part”? No time to waste time mehn…. Ask when you meet and get talking!

  2. The second date probably. But I am of the opinion that somebody should not have to wait to be asked.
    Its part of your introduction. The guy thought the girl moved too quickly cos we live in a world where men are of the opinion that ALL women are ‘gold diggers’. Personally, I will ask as soon as possible. What if he turns out to be a ‘serial killer’ or a ‘muscle for hire’? I should have all the information I need to make an informed decision. Chikena!!!

  3. Funny how i havnt ever heard that guys find it hard to tell a girl what they do for a living, on the other hand i ‘ve had heated arguement with a female frnd who thinks its rude n too direct for a guy to ask a girl wit she does on 1st to 3rd date..

  4. But seriously,how is this up for discussion… This should follow in any part of the conversation during introduction (first date) or even via chatting/phone conversations.No big deal abeg!
    Any guy who feels some certain kinda way about this is just insecure…..if u believe we may size you up believe honey,we will! …. just as u would too.

  5. I would definitely vote for asking as soon as possible. There is nothing like being too forward.. U have to know certain things before u start investing feelings

  6. The ideology of men when the question comes up is that, she wants to “”size me up””, which sometimes has its good and bad effect. Yes, ask the question, but prior to the question make an assessment of the person and certain things do sometimes give a red flag (bad sign) about the babe before you spill gold…

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