Weirdest Things About Guys

Ladies Share the weirdest things About Guys :

I’m talking to you but somewhere along the line you are not staring at me or at my face, you are looking at my boobs, if you must stare do it stylishly at least.

Why do you adjust your crotch in front of me, like you just move it from one place to the other like its detachable….get a room for that please..

They look like this before sex Men

and look like that after sexcat thereby refusing to cuddle after sex…

Their savage and inconsiderate lack of manscaping – When they don’t shave, and expect the girl to be shaved. I mean, some hair is okay, but when I’m deep throating you, I don’t need your hair in my mouth as well.

Their inability to pick up nonverbal communication – I feel like sometimes when it comes to body language or nonverbal communication some men don’t seem to identify when someone is upset or angry….Or they do but just might not know what to do about it…

Being needy without being affectionate – I had this boyfriend that HATED being away from me. Would call me, want to talk, said he missed me, was incredibly clingy. Then we’d get together and he would completely ignore me for his friends or for his video games. This happened a great deal of the time. It was like he needed me sitting in the same room as him or standing next to him and that’s it. He didn’t miss spending time with me he just missed my presence. I’m still really confused about that one.

Ladies want other annoying things do they do?


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