Why Guys Won’t Borrow Us Money

I want to say a big thank you to all the girls that have destroyed any chance of letting a guy lend serious minded girls like me money.

Do you understand how difficult it is to borrow money from guys…

These days if you are borrowing from a guy, they believe they won’t be getting it back so they will rather not give, except they have a feeling they can get it back in Kind.

Imagine you borrow 20k from a guy without making plans of returning it, just maybe the said guy has a thing for you or simply wants the coohie, if he catches you ehen, 20k will be fcuked out of you.

Don’t go asking a guy to borrow you 5k or 10k because they know you won’t return this amount. Truth is a girl that is borrowing 10k or 5k from you has no plans of returning this money, probably need it for our hair or something. Yes i wont’ lie I still owe a guy 5k from 5 years ago, i was in 100 level I think, I really want to return it but how do i say…hello please send me your account number I want to pay back the 5k i borrowed from you 5 years ago????

If you must borrow from a guy, let him understand there will be some form interest that way they will take you serious.

If not just borrow from your girlfriends.

Guys will you borrow if we promise to pay back with interest?

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