There Are Hangout Spots in Lagos Mainland Too

In Lagos, there is this unspoken (and sometimes spoken) about line between the Mainland and the Island. This is of course very pronounced by the 3rd Mainland Bridge. The Island is where all the fun happens and the Mainland is where us regular people lay our heads. We’ve let this myth cloud our judgement.  There are so many places on the mainland that are cool. Why travel so many miles for food when there is rice at home.  Where are these places you ask? Well, here’s a list for you.

  1. Yellow Chili

Yellow Chilli and Spice Bar offer the same vibe. Actually, Yellow Chilli might actually be better because their food is lit. Yellow Chilli is a trendy restaurant in the heart of Ikeja. The restaurant offers an extensive range of gourmet meals and local spicy foods. Food aside, the restaurant offers a great ambience for a romantic night out or a group hangout. You’ll love the music too. The restaurant has an all-around chill vibe.It would also be a great place to rent out and host an event. Like, say an art show.

If you’re looking for a nice place to stay after a lovely day or night at Yellow Chilli, there are several hotels in Ikeja GRA near Yellow Chilli.

2. Paintballing at Ziggie’s


Yes Magodo. Something as exciting as paintballing happens in Magodo. Don’t underestimate the mainland ever again. Ziggie’s arena is pretty spacious so apart from having a great team bonding, blood pumping activity, you can actually make a day of it and hang out around the lawn. It would be great for a social event where all the cool kids can come and talk about whatever cool kids talk about.
Ziggies also has a basement suite for those who are interested in sleeping where they play. If you are interested in other hotels in Magodo though, there are lots to choose from.

3. Pool Terrace Bar

Located in the Sheraton Lagos Hotel, the Pool Terrace Bar is the most obvious name for this chill establishment. Despite the lack of creativity in the name department, the terrace is the #1 cool place for a Friday night hangout on the mainland. Sheraton’s Pool Terrace Bar offers a fantastic atmosphere to relax and have a great meal or sweet treat throughout the day.

Wazobia Night at the Pool Terrace Bar, Sheraton Hotel Lagos, has become a weekly fun event you should definitely try one of these days. It’s a great place to meet new people, mingle and unwind.

Some other hotels in Lagos that have nice lounges that could rival Sheraton’s. You can also try Ibis Hotel Lagos.

4. Fela Shrine


Are you a Lagosian if you haven’t been to the New Afrika Shrine (anyone who knows anything about Lagos calls it Fela’s Shrine)? The answer is a bold NO. Cross Third Mainland Bridge, come to Ikeja, let us show you what Lagos is. Bust out some sweet moves as you relish the electrical sound from performances by the son’s of the Father of Afrobeat, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. Femi Kuti’s Thursday night shows are free and every last Saturday of the month Seun Kuti also comes and does his stuff.
The Shrine is located close to several hotels like Swiss Cottage Hotel and RT 24 Hotel. So after your night of fun, you can get your well deserved good night’s sleep.

5. The Legacy Railway Museum

The Railway Museum or Jakael House Museum is a beautifully restored classic colonial mansion which has been in existence since the late 1990s. The Railway Corporation established the Museum for the purpose of preserving old carriage wagon, running shed, old steam locomotives and steam cranes.
The Railway Compound itself is an oasis of tranquility, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city and is only a 15-minute traffic-free journey to and from Ikoyi. What I am trying to say is, it’s not far. You can make it.  

The Museum is simple picturesque and has been used to host all types of events like weddings, company retreats, food festivals and more!

6. Rodizzo

If you’re idea of hanging out is being surrounded by good food, then you have come to the right place.Located in Ikeja, Rodizzio (R Cafe) is notable for its delicious signature meals which include unlimited barbeque, platters and Jambalaya rice.
It comprises of a lounge bar, cafe and restaurant. Apart from its unique delicacies, the decoration of the ambiance was inspired by the Brazilians’ love of meat, the Americans’ demand for more, the European healthy living lifestyle and of course the Naija flavour.
This blend of different cultures makes it a cool hangout spot on the mainland.

7.  La Mango Restaurant & Bar


La Mango is arguably the most talked restaurant and bar on the mainland. Serving a large variety of drinks and a specific range of foods tailored for easy consumption and high satisfaction. They provide a modern, classy and stylishly decorated venue for people to come during working hours for lunch and meetings, after work and on the weekends to watch sports, relax, eat good food and have a drink and a good time.
It’s particularly loved because of its outdoor seating, it’s breathtaking poolside and rooftop terrace. Plus, after your fun day by the pool side at La Mango, you find a cheap hotel in Ikeja and continue with your self care.
So there you have it people, don’t under rate the Mainland. It’s the real Lagos if we’re being honest.

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