Happy New Year —- It’s 2017

So i lied on the first day of the year, just after the cross over service, hmmm judge away Georgina, it was suppose to be a sarcastic response but the person did not get the gag….

Anyways i have never been a resolution person and i’m not about to start now but the last week of December 2016 got me so positive about the year 2017 and i intend to make sure it is positive, even if i am scared and excited about the new year, i still remain positive about 2017.

My excitement is because I have a few projects to look forward to, the fear is  – finance, doubt, customers and  expanding but i put all my fears in God.

Regarding my work life – In my mind, i think i’m nice to an extent ..lol.. I go out of my way to help people even if it meant inconveniencing myself but even at that i still offended people, so like everybody will always say, “you can’t satisfy people, so do your part and move on. At some point in 2016, i  became a bit toxic, since i WAS a nice person, people take me for granted and when I tend to fight for myself, so at some point, i was always ready dish it hot to anyone who was trying my patience but at the end, i was almost always at fault no matter the situation. So  late last year, i prayed deeply for the people that always gave me the most problem at work and just let it go.

In 2017, I simply want to have a positive take on everything and simply let things be. My advice to y’all for the new year is to basically reflect on 2016 and figure out the things you did wrong or things that gave you issues and make 2017 better for you….don’t let anybody ruin your parade, find peace with yourself and stay true to yourself.

Regarding the blog –  I have been very un-serious and i want apologize to the people that read my blog, i will endeavor to do better and stay true to myself, irrespective of opinions.

Stay positive and stay true to yourself in 2017……..I wish you all the best year ahead as we all start this journey.

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!



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