He’s Not My Type

Friend 1 – That guy says he wants your number….

Friend 2 : Really…so not my type..

What does it mean to have a type? I have never had a type, i just go with the flow.

Personally, i do not think it is wrong to have a type bet… when your type of man has never done you right, don’t you think it’s about  time to edit your type?

Why i think you should not date your type:

It’s Superficial to date your type : How can you possibly figure out if someone is your type until you’ve given him a chance? Generally when a lady says he’s not my type, she is talking about the physical, or what he does for a living. If he’s nice and is not horrid to look at, you should be giving him a chance.

You should date a person who’s not your type because they might actually rock your world. It will be different from the regulars, you will have new things to teach each other.

Get out of your comfort zone : We tend to do what’s comfortable to us because it’s easier to predict the outcome or deal with issues when they arise. We know what to expect when dating a specific type of man and even though we know he’s not good for us or going to work long-term, we still pursue his advances because it’s familiar.

What do you think ?


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