Hi Guys…Whats Wrong with Your Bladder?

The last time i checked, men and women were created to make their bladders to function properly, one gender does have a better bladder than the other, so why can’t MEN hold their pee.

There are different categories of peeing MEN

First – those men that bend down to pee (the Irritants) first i just can’t…..i do not have anything to say to you. Anyways we all know them.

2. Those that get down from their car and pee by the tyre, do you understand that an human being washes your car? They do it anytime and anywhere , including the express …like seriously!

3. The ones that will still pee in a place that say DO NOT URINATE HERE…..are you blind ni? is something wrong.

4. Every man is guilty of peeing in any random gutter on the road ¬†just because he is pressed, then a lady stares at you, and what do they do in return – they start to smile .as if to say” you like what you see?hnnnmm ¬†(thunder fire you and your thing).

5. This barely happens but what amazes me is they even pee in odd places ..for instance,I saw a full grown man peeing by the TRANSFORMER…..No words – Death is hungrying you, you are just yet to realize.

Ladies stare the hell out of them whenever you see them do this in public plus make sure you bring out your phone and pretend like you are about to take a pic.


1 thought on “Hi Guys…Whats Wrong with Your Bladder?”

  1. Men were not internally built to carry their pee like a baby……. If it was intended then Baba God for sort am since!!

    We didnt get your thoughts on the subject, just an opening statement…… So whats do you think is wrong with our bladder?


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