Hi Married People – Yes I’m Single But I have Responsibilities Too

I was making my hair the other day, while I was negotiating the price with the hairdresser, a certain lady in the room objected to my negotiations.. why? she said why will I want to reduce the price and that why would I say there is no money anywhere – which she meant because I’m single and did not have responsibilities, I should not be complaining.

Some of chimed in echoing her view – what are you complaining about? like what responsibilities do you have? In my life time, I cannot count how many times people have asked me this question, so because I’m happily single I do not have any responsibility but to spend my money as you expect.

So I will be highlighting a few similarities between single responsible girls like me and married people. Notice how I said “single responsible” – this is because I realize that not all single people are responsible but cut some of us some slack.


Married People Single People
They can’t make spontaneous decision because you have to inform your partner I also cannot make a spontaneous decision because I have to inform someone, what if I get Kidnapped… Hello I’m responsible ..See
They have to worry about making food for their family. Helloo, If you live with your parents like me, you literally have to do that before considering your outing or events
Worry about bills As a very responsible individual, I’m planning ahead for family, I don’t want to worry about money then. So I’m trying to work hard & smart to make sure those things are in place for my family in future…. Get that.

Yes, I get that married people have more responsibilities than single people at the moment, yeah it’s just time and who says we are not planning for those responsibilities- I m speaking for responsible single people like myself Georgina #rme#

With that being written, I respect that Companionship, Lifestyle, and Responsibilities set us apart but all I’m trying to say is that some of us actually have plans for the future and taking those decisions NOW.

So single people do have responsibilities too – Please let’s stop being Ignorant… Ok Thanks


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