How Pain Feels

Pain by definition is a distressing feeling often caused by intense or damaging stimuli.

Have you ever felt physical pain that you wish for death?

Have you ever felt emotional pain that you wish for death?

What is the difference between the two ? – one is physical & the other almost seems non-existent but very present, worst of all they cannot be seen or held, they can only be felt which is their ONLY similarity.

Sometimes, I wish we could literally see pain, just maybe we could understand it or measure it to know how long the feeling of pain will last or what to expect.

Maybe measuring & timing pain will help us handle or cope better with it.

There is emotional & physical pain, some people will say the latter is more difficult to handle but I say there are different levels to both types of pain.

Watching your leg chopped off in bits is worse compared to the pain gotten from a heart break but the pain of losing someone makes your heart feel constricted with a lot of physical chest pain, all you want in that moment is making it stop but its a process and you have to endure & wait it out.

In retrospect, pain makes you appreciate freedom, peace & life cause you understand what it is to live with & without pain.

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