I Have 12 Questions for You

You said I did not give you my all and then I did but you threw in my face why?

You said my all was not enough, I gave more, you spat it out.. why?

You said I did not love enough, I showed more love and affection, you gave it to the dogs.. why?

You said I was not beautiful enough, I put on more makeup but you laughed at me… why

You said I couldn’t represent you properly in public coz I was too dull for you, I studied more for you but it was not enough… why?

You said I was not crying enough, I cried so much it burned but only made you laugh… why?

You said the meal was not well-prepared, I did it all over again but you poured it away…why?

You said I was not stupid enough, being a fool was the only option but that too was not enough…why?

You said you will be with me through it all but you were not …why?

You said you will never hurt me but you lied, you cut me so deep, the scars still hurt….why?

You said I¬†should trust you but you let me down too easy…why?

You said you could die for me, but I see now that it’s not going to happen

What if I Kill you myself, will that make you LOVE ME?


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