I Have Been Away For Too Long

So i have been away from blogging for almost two weeks now, i’m sorry.  However, I have the perfect excuse for my absence but either ways, I apologize for my silence.

So for a while now, i have been trying to start a business that I can call my own for a pretty long time, some time early last year i started a logistics company, when FRSC caught me 3 times in one day and the many other issue that i have faced i gave up on that dream of owing a logistics company. Trust me its a good business to run but its capital intensive, if you really want to do it right.  Its not for a person that wants to start with one bike, except you on ground at all times to monitor or you want to drive your bike yourself.

You will ask that why not do your masters? Yes i want to do it but am not ready yet, i want my masters to be relevant to the field at which i’m working with and at the moment, i can’t afford the cost of master my type of job will require me to do. Secondly, my job does not care about your masters, its about what you bring to the table. Lastly, if I do masters at this point, it will only be because i want to join the, i have done my masters crew.

So I came up with the most brilliant idea or i thought it was, i decided to start to sell snacks Gbam!!! I love hotdogs but nobody seems to make the way i like it, when you get it at the cinema, its so boring,  the bread is so dry, you put your mustard and ketchup and that’s what you are given as hotdog, So i though, what if i have a stand that gives people a full sandwich hotdog, like the ones  you will get on the streets of London, New york and other parts of the world where juicy hotdogs are being sold.

Then i thought what other snacks do i like, i like donuts too, so I decided to add that to my menu, fast forward to present day Oyesplaiize is born out of my love for food, so for the past two weeks this is what i have been up to and why i have been away from the blog too. I took a  few days of work, to get my store up and running.

As entrepreneur, i feel the pain of every SME, the struggle to get a tiny cubicle for your space, NEPA (i can’t keep up with the name changing, they still run like NEPA) – these guys are the worst when it comes to crippling businesses, followed by staff – i  think  this is worse than NEPA itself because, i have made sure nearly all the things i use in my shop does not require NEPA and their sorry ass, but if you do not have good staff, Am sorry but things could get ugly.

Oyesplaiize is officially open and you can call 07086953334 to place order for hotdogs or donut.

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So this is the reason why i have been away from the blog.

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