I Live With My Boyfriend (See Me Finish)

This is West Africa where parents, older folks and people generally talk about how staying/leaving with your boyfriend’s house over a period of time leads to disrespect. #see me finish

This is 2018, is this still valid? We live in an era were people (Male & Female) say things like, “I do NOT want to marry a virgin”, feminists left & right, men do not care if their women can cook or not, a lot of things have changed, we are almost on the same level with the westerners as regards our way of life.

So I ask again:

Will he disrespect me if I live with him (Obviously, this question is not for the westerners)?

Will he still marry me if we have finished all the sex styles in Kama Sutra? (Roll your eyes all you want, there is a 75% percent chance of plenty sex)

Would there still be any need to get married, since we are already living together?

Present Day & Time thinks that:

Living together helps you determine whether you can really live together forever.

Living together helps to see things that you won’t see when she only comes and goes.

So is #see me finish really a thing in 2018?








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