All my life, I have never had a flat tummy, I remember that even when I was in Jss 3, I had this cute blue check but my tummy was never going to let me shine the way I should in it. It was not funny at all, then I always looked like I just finished eating a big bowl of Eba and Egusi soup.

Fast forward to the present day September 2017, here I am still struggling with the same damn thing and it’s depressing, fortunately, I have grown into the tummy but then it’s still evident.

The good news is, I do not have any visible or non-visible folds but however, my tummy has HIS personality (yes it’s a he…don’t ask why), I cannot wear a pencil or bodycon dress, High-waist skirt or trouser are a no go area, I cannot shine. This has been my cross for a very long time, I’m comfortable with my weight most of the time but my tummy has always been the problem.

For almost 3 weeks now, God knows I have been trying my best to work out and eat right, I do not eat after 7 pm except the food is really good but I still really try, I barely miss my workout sessions, I think I got to a point where I almost cried and I just stopped that day, all these I have been doing.

Only for someone to see me yesterday and ask me ARE YOU PREGNANT? ….Re you effing serious ….my heart did not just break, it was displaced from the left side to right side….God, I felt like slapping the hell out of this person.

But what was my response, I smiled and said YES I am but my mind was saying RETARD.

After all my stress over the few weeks, this person just had to make me feel like I have been wasting my time and all of the good food I said No to

How is your Thursday going anyways?


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