In My Mind…..Motivational Speaker

Have you ever been able to do something so well when you are alone (i don’t mean terrible bathroom singing) but you never get the courage to do it in front of people.

We have been so brainwashed all our lives, some of us at least, that people will laugh at us if we do these things in public. In actual sense, we should not be afraid to fail, confidence is all we need, no matter how many times you fail it does not matter, its how many times you get up  (am sure you have heard this before).

The real truth is  a lot of us have amazing talents but nobody is ever going to see this because we are never going show it  either because of complex, we think we are not good enough or we are just not confident.

Oye will say don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself, have fun with it, laugh at your mistakes because that’s the only way you will learn.



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