It Was Crap

She ran as fast as she could when she got there, she realized the news was true and that she had indeed been a fool all the while. Trusting with everything in her, believing that she had it all.

Her mom, dad and friends warned her about it, telling her she was definitely making the wrong decision but she had refused to listen to any form of advise or counsel. She was sure about it, her instincts would never fail her, she had told herself.

Looking back at how foolish she had been, she was showing off on every social media platform, even Facebook, which she rarely even used but she just had to show off and let everybody know she had won this daunting race.

I mean, she had put in all her body, soul and spirit into this.

And all for what?
If only she knew … Oh, if only she just knew that this will happen.
Just imagine, She thought she found the right recipe for this shit called JOLLOF RICE but here she was on the day people were ready to taste her JOLLOF and as you may have guessed…

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