It’s Only Slap…I will Stay

After the domestic violent stories that has been trending of recent , I decided to ask my self if what am going through is domestic violence .
My boyfriend has never beating me but he slaps me regularly , just slap.
Even the day he proposed to me he slapped me when I by mistake gave him a wrong finger , he says slapping me is a sign of correction .
The day I went to the market and forgot to wear my engagement ring because I take it off when bathing since it’s not gold and I don’t want it to wash off, so I take it off but forgot to wear it that day to the market , he came back home to pick up a document and saw the ring , drove all the way to the market , dragged me into the car, slapped me and put the ring on my finger .
Mine is just slap, he has never pushed or hit me with an object . Just slap .
Do I need to leave the man ??

Oye : In this era that everybody is fighting against domestic violence, my dear..don’t leave him o, shebi its is just slap….

What to do : Simply turn the other cheek so that he can slap you properly, sho lo stupid ni……

Source :  Break Up or Make Up On Instagram

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