JANGILOVA (See-Saw) By Seyi Shay


Jangilova by Seyi Shay is one of my best song of 2015. The beat, the melody just gets me and makes me feel like am some sort of great singer (i.e bathroom singer ).

I understand that the song is a love song but what boggles me is the jangilova in the song,

The lyrics :

The Love I get for you, e doubllle times 2 – This is very understandable, l love you two times right…….

Somebody go wound o, e fi fail – If it does not work out, someone will get injured- am sure i got this right

Baby baby boo, nobody but you, no even think am o – You are all i want

This Bridge right here is on another level
On to sey,
Baba Janeti o – Baba Janet, errm who his he, what his he doing in the song….help me ?

Tell me sey e dey love o – OK….Baba Janet is in love?

Sey nah him first come first o – Is Seyi & Baba Janet in love with the same person? very confused…

Wetin him do one thing – Errrm…No idea what this means?

Me sefi dey love o – She is also in love

Many people dey talk e yeh, baby na you o oo – Now everybody is in love with her love

Believe me

Sey the love I get for you o, no be man made o – The love i have for you is not made by man

E be jangilova – The love is like Jangilova but Jangilova is made by Man…
(Haha, Chai!, Baby!)
The love I get for you o, believe me no be here o – The love is not here?????
E be jangilova – Its Jangilova

One more thing…JANGILOVA in those days is a see-saw ride, which goes up and down, meaning that this love is inconsistent. ( maybe its not this serious)

It goes on like that till the end of the chorus.

Don’t get me wrong, i still jam to this song, shouting  e be JANGILOVA, however, i still want to understand how the Jangilova came to be.

If you understand it, please let me know by dropping your comment.

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