My Journey To The Other End of Lagos

Seriously, i am not trying to be biased here but some places should not be called Lagos in this Lagos. So i had to travel to a little town in Lagos called Agbele, am not sure if its before or after Abule Egba but the bottom line is that this place is far, i don’t curr what you say.

So i took the first bus, yes i don’t have a car, God is working on it…back to my story, i was sitting at the extreme end, i did not take a second look at the person beside me but then shuffling started, this person happened to be a man and he kept digging and digging into his bag which made me to hug the window more, ¬†at some point i gave him the meanest side eye ever made on planet earth and the shuffling stopped.

I thought that was the end but then he brought his nylon full of money and then picked out his t-fare, tied his nylon back and tucked it into his shirt and under his armpit….Gawd pick up my call abeg..where is my car, first i thought that only market women do this but then coming from a man and under his armpit …..hmmm Am like Lordddd take this wheel, and don’t get me started on his nails, my head was outside the window through out.

I got into another bus and this went fine, which takes me to my last public transportation of the day, this time it was a keke, dont act like you don’t enter any of these…yeah…you know you do..hmmm.

So i thought this would be cool but then there was a lady beside me, she also kept shuffling through her bag, and her elbow almost hit my eye, Jesus…what sort of suffering is this? this was a day, you will pray not to meet your husband-to-be. The lady did not even notice that she almost hit me with her elbow,i still decided to mind my business but what will she bring out from her bad..handbag o, a manual grinder from her bag, No not a new one, a used one that still had tomato left over and am like why will you have that in your bag, like that was not enough, then brought out the cover of a pot from her bag. Why will you have a cover of a pot in your bag, then the pot is not there…….hmmmm, going to cook at her friend’s place or her man’s place but why just the cover of the pot.

Even if you have to carry it in your bag, why not make sure the next person beside you doesn’t see it

Now i understand why men say anything can be in a woman’s bag.

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