Junkyp – The Punch

Have you ever wished you could punch that guy  that won’t stop trying to touch when you go for a visit.

What is it with guys and assuming (jump into conclusion) that when we come to their house for a visit, it means something is going down.

This video is for all the strong ladies that say No – which really means NO.

If only we could be more direct like the babe in the video…probably guys will eventually quit trying to touch!


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4 thoughts on “Junkyp – The Punch”

  1. Tokunbo Adesina

    I somehow beg to differ though… I am a very touchy person and my touching you don’t always mean i ant to have sex with you.

    Though I have come to understand this view and I have started trying so hard not to touch my friends that are ladies when we are together (not necessarily alone).

    Its hard though, but since you think every touch means there must be sex, apart from being shallow, then I think i’s also immature.

    i mean, I touch my siblings, my parents, my friends gfs, family friends, even the zoned ones.

    Sex is whole different ball game entirely.

    #myopinion #myentitlement #teekaysaysso

  2. @Toks there are certain ways guys touch u just know that’s what is on their mind. .. if you don’t think that way you’ll be an exception.. most guys think like chickens

    1. Tokunbo Adesina

      hmmmmnnnn… then I hope I am an exception though.

      I take an exception to the “think like chickens” though #nohardfeelings but chickens are animals to start with

  3. Desperate niggas!!. Lol, Self respect sometimes creates mystery, i mean not trying to do anything with her. It sometimes gets u the cookie at the end of the day.

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