I Just Got Married And This is My Story – Part One

Saturday, the 18th of February, 2017 will forever be etched in my memory. Not because I won the Olympic medal I have always been dreaming about. No, not yet. Neither is it because I bought my dream car – the red mini cooper 2016 edition. Oh well, I know God is working things out for me and very soon my red mini cooper will arrive (giggles). And until then, I patiently await ‘her’ arrival.

But that is not the essence of this story. The gist of this story is a milestone that I just achieved. Yes, you guessed right. After several years of waiting and praying, I finally got married to the love of my life. And this is a recap of the unending episodes that preceded the d-day.

Like every excited bride-to-be, I looked forward to the wedding date with so much glee. Being a daddy’s girl meant that I had to get married in my dad’s church. And since it was also the church I worshiped, I had no issue with it. However, I found the compulsory 6 months pre-marital counseling period too long. More gut wrenching were the rules ‘le boo’ and I had to abide by if we wanted the church to certify us ‘marriage-worthy’.

‘Your skirt must be more than 3 inches below your knee. You must always tie a scarf to church. You must not have those ‘so-called’ artificial nails on when coming to this church. Trousers are not allowed in this church for whatever reason, you are not here to seduce the church members’. I sat down and listened to Madam Liz, the woman in charge of the pre-marital counseling, as she read out the rules to us.

‘Why are all the rules meant for only me?’ I asked Madam Liz. ‘ We are serious minded people in this church. If you want to do fashion parade, go to your Lekki church where you people dress half-naked to the house of God every Sunday’, she said. Just know we cannot join you together in this church if you refuse to change your bad attitude’, she further added. Since I had made up my mind that my wedding was going to be conducted in my dad’s church, I decided to abide by their rules, although grudgingly and reluctantly.

Weeks seemed to be taking forever to end. While the days dragged by like a snail in an Olympics. However, each new day brought the ‘d-day’ closer. And before I knew it, it was three weeks to the wedding day. It then came to my realization that I still had a lot of things to do. Despite the fact that I had a wedding planner, I wanted to do some things myself. And since I work for the number one hotel booking portal in Africa, I decided to book the hotel rooms where our guests will be lodged myself.

Since I wanted my guests to be lodged in one of the best hotels in Ikeja, I decided to approach the Vice President of the company, Meg, to ask for recommendations. Unknowingly to me, the company was offering a whopping 50% discount on all hotel reservations made during the Valentine season. And since my wedding date fell within this period, I was eligible to use the voucher codes.


to be continued

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