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Kogi State will be persecuting 1,667 Civil Servants with forged certificates

According to the Kogi State Government, they spend over N113,360,000 monthly and over N1.3bn naira annually as salaries. These monies could be used to help better Healthcare in the state (If only they will truly do this). This lay off, will help youth with real certificate get good jobs ( Yeah, Nepotism will be the order of the day as usual)

11 Saudi Princes Have Been Arrested

They were arrested because they were protesting against having to pay FOR THEIR OWN UTILITY BILLS ( hehehe, these lazy ass royals are incredible).

So there has been a lot of changes in policies in Saudi Arabia and it is affecting most of the Royals.

The economic overhaul has been linked to the arrest of more than 200 princes in an anti-corruption purge in November spearheaded by Prince Mohammed.

Most of those detained were held at the palatial Ritz-Carlton hotel in Riyadh, which has turned into a luxury prison. Some have since reached settlements with the government.

Despite Security Deployment, Herdsmen Killings in Benue State

In spite of security deployment by the federal government to prevent further attacks by Fulani herdsmen on communities in Benue State, there was a fresh attack yesterday in which several people were killed. The latest attack was reported in Ukemberagya and Tswarev wards, in Gaambe-Tiev Logo Local Government Area of the state.

Similarly, herdsmen attacked six villages of Tambo, Tambo Jumo, Luru, Bakule, Jifan, and Bakopi in Girei Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Friday night, killing 10 persons, while several others were injured and houses and valuables were destroyed.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s comment on restructuring is still generating reactions from many stakeholders.

In this interview, Senator Femi Okurounmu carpets the president for dismissing the clamour for restructuring, adding that he lacks proper understanding of Nigeria’s problems. See a part of the interview below:

In his New Year broadcast, the president reeled out a number of rail and road infrastructure that are on the priority list in this year’s budget. Do you see him doing better than he had done in the last three years?

The man came to power in 2015 with a lot of promises and all of them have turned out to be empty, hollow promises. He has not been able to achieve 10 percent of what he promised us. In fact, he came out to deny many of the promises he made. Those he did not denounce, he forgot about them. If you see a man going into his third year in office and he is still promising, all of us will be fools if we are taken aback by those promises. We will be fools to keep believing those promises. This is a government that believes in lying to the people. Lying is now an instrument of policy of this government. It is for Nigerians to show that they are not fools, they are not idiots.

What is your take on the clamour for a return to the parliamentary system which he also dismissed in his address to the nation?

That shows the extent of his knowledge. Look at African countries that have adopted the presidential system, they have all ended up in dictatorship. It is a mistake for us to follow American system. It was the foolish copy of America that brought us the presidential system. We are anything but America in our composition, temperament and culture. If we are talking of the oldest democracies, the oldest democracy is in Europe. The first parliament in the world is the British parliament. All European countries practice parliamentary system. They are still the most successful democracies in the world today. The American democracy which is presidential was borne out of different circumstances. And we cannot compare ourselves with America. The factors that make presidential system manageable in America are completely absent in Nigeria. The average African leader does not have the temperament to exercise executive authority with humility, and sufficient restraints. African leaders are inherently dictatorial by nature.

You give him executive authority over a nation, he becomes dictatorial. Then corruption follows. That is what has happened to almost all the African countries that have adopted the presidential system. If we want to make progress, we have to go back to the parliamentary system. We can go back to history. Between 1960 and 1966, we know how much progress Nigeria made as a nation. And during that period, we operated the parliamentary system. In spite of all the internal problems we had, we made a lot of progress. But ever since the military took over, and imposed on us unitary system and presidential constitution, we have been going backward. The gap between us and the rest of mankind is getting wider and wider.

In view of this submission, would it be right to say that Buhari does not have proper understanding of Nigeria’s problem with the position he took on some of these issues?

Buhari has never understood the problem of Nigeria. In his first coming as the military head of state, his fellow military officers removed him because he lacks the understanding of Nigeria’s problem. Now, some civilians helped him to come back again as civilian president, all those who helped him are now biting their fingers because he has shown that he lacks the knowledge of the problem of Nigeria.

Apart from the fact that he is incompetent, he lacks the mental capacity, the vigour and every trait required to be an effective president. To ask him to come back for a second term is to wish Nigeria not too well.


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